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Pictures & Stories from 2012
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Joe, Donny, Ray, and Bob were in camp. The weather was great! Two bucks were shot on night one, with Bob connecting first, (sealing the deal on the apron) and Donny at Jessie Woods. Joe shot a dandy on night 4 but Ray didn't find the buck he was looking for.
Dennis, Landin, Kelsey, & Jason in camp. The week started out quite hot with a full moon, making for an interesting start. The bird hunting was excellent! Kelsey connected first on a bruiser at camp, Dennis followed with a great buck at Jessie Woods. Landin had to leave early unfortunately and Jason had an opportunity but passed.
Mike, Jack, Steve & Bren in camp. NW winds all week made this week a challenge. Temps were in the 30-50 range. A good deer was passed on the first night. This tough week was finished off with two bucks shot the third night by Jack and Steve. After a long recovery, Jacks deer was found, but first by the coyotes!
Harry, John, Troy & Mark in camp. Again the NW winds made things interesting. Bucks were shot on nights 1 & 4, with Harry connecting a great buck in the rain on night 5! Great ending to a challenging week!
Ralph, Vicki, Tom, Chris and Phil in camp. Honored to have one of our Veterans hunting with us! Week started out wet, making it hard to get around. Bird hunting was tough because of it. Vicki got the job done night one, and Tom and Ralph followed on night two. Chris and Phil saw a lot of deer, but just didn't have that shooter give them a chance.
Trey, Brad, Lee & Clay in camp. Cool damp week, bird hunting was very good.  Trey, Lee & Clay connected on nights 1,2 & 3 with Brad passing on a great 8 point on night 5, wrapping up another season at Double B!