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Pictures & Stories from 2013
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Fred and Dale from PA., Joe from MN., and Donnie from NH arrive to a very nice ND afternoon. Joe was first to draw blood with a heavy horned 4x5, Fred not to be outdone shot a dark horned 4x4 also on the second night. Dale saw a decent deer the third night but could not get a good shot. Donnie shot his wide 5x5 with stickers on the last night of the hunt.
Terry, Rita and Forrest from AR., Skip from PA., and Andrew from ND arrived to a soggy week with a lot of rain and mud to deal with. It proved to be a very challenging hunt due to struggling to get to the stands we wanted to hunt. Terry shot a good 5x5 night four. We shot a limit of ducks Monday am, and each hunter felt they had a shot at a 130" class deer and either did not shoot or didn't get a good shot. This week proved to be one of our most difficult weeks of hunting to date.
Mike (10th hunt with us), and Bren (6th hunt) from LA., and Steve and Jack, father and son from GA arrived on a cloudy drizzly day. Rain cleared and deer movement picked up. Bren had a neighbors wandering cow scare off a good buck the first night, seems to be something new every year to contend with! We shot a limit of ducks and 8 geese, with one being some sort of cross bred goose, larger than the average Canadian with lots of white, orange feet and bill. Third morning four hunters shot 30 geese and a few ducks. The new 8 goose limit was put to the test! Hunters shot 3 bucks the fourth evening! Great deer movement between the rains this week.
Our great friends from TX, Harry, John, Mark and Sam arrived to a very wet week that just wouldn't let up. We had to use the side by sides to get around due to the extremely wet ground and our deer don't like the noise they make. Harry and Sam shot some ducks and geese but even that hunting was tough due to the mud. Mark shot a nice 5x6 on night four. Deer movement was as poor as we've seen in our years of guiding.
Ralph & Vicki from IL., Chris from GA., and Melvin from PA. arrived to rain and wet ground. We knew sooner or later the deer had to move to feed and sure enough a nice 5x5 showed up for Vicki on the first night. As usual she made a great shot and the deer dropped within site. With the muddy conditions we decided not to hunt waterfowl. The third night Ralph shot a nice wide 5x5 and Chris shot a great 5x5 the fourth night which we didn't find until after he left. Melvin was unable to arrive until the 3rd night of the hunt and unfortunately time ran out before we could get him a shot.
Our good friends from FA: Brad,Trey, Lee and Adam arrived to rain ending, but a cold wind blowing. The guys shot a limit of ducks and four big geese the first am. Brad shot the drop tine buck we had been hunting all fall on the second night. That was one smart old deer. We shot ducks and geese the third morning and Lee shot a great 5x5 the same evening. We shot a few more ducks and geese the fourth morning and Adam shot a 5x5 (his first deer with a bow) that evening. 
The 2013 season was tougher than usual due to very wet conditions and poorer than normal horn quality due to three very harsh winters and all the unharvested corn fields. We feel our winter feeding program has maintained our deer numbers so that when our winters get better our quality will return quickly. ND G&F has reduced rifle tags from 150,000 to 48,000 for 2014 so we feel this will help quality quicker than anything. We are looking forward to a very good 2014 season due to a better winter and much earlier spring. Have a great year and STAY SAFE!!